Mold & Moisture

Mold testing is often part of a more comprehensive assessment such as an IAQ or IEQ study. Often however clients simply want or need to address mold. Typically this occurs when there’s been a flood (a “Water Loss” in insurance speak) or some unidentified increase in moisture in an interior space. Greenpoint inspectors are licensed as Mold Assessors by the State of Florida and have the experience as building scientists to assess the condition and recommend remedial action. The focus is to identify the water source. Sometimes this is easy such as a roof or plumbing leak but quite often it can be challenging when the source or cause is not immediately obvious. That’s where experience (and technology) comes in. Greenpoint will identify the source, map the affected areas using moisture meters and visual observations and provide remedial guidance.

Often, air sampling is part of the investigation. There are situations where sampling is unnecessary. Greenpoint personnel will NEVER conduct unnecessary sampling and will always advise the client of our rationale for sampling or not sampling. Our staff is trained in a variety of sampling techniques and is equipped with state of the art equipment.

Where remediation (removal of mold impacted or water saturated building materials) is indicated by sample results, Greenpoint can prepare a Plan of Action for the project, manage the project to its successful completion and conduct a post remediation assessment that will include air sampling.