Asbestos Surveys

Who needs an asbestos survey? According to Part 40 Chapter 61 Subpart M of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR); “any institutional, commercial, public, industrial or residential structure… excluding residential buildings having four or fewer dwelling units” where a renovation or demolition is planned or anticipated. In short, unless your project is a single-family residence, you probably need an asbestos survey. It is important to note that there is NO expiration date in the regulation and applies regardless of building or facility age. Many of our pre-renovation asbestos surveys are performed on buildings and facilities constructed after 1990.

Project Design

We’ve completed your Asbestos Survey and your building has asbestos, what now? Now we move to project design mode. Greenpoint will put together a plan of action that achieves the project abatement needs while maintaining compliance with federal state and local regulations. Greenpoint has vast experience in conducting and managing the bid process and can recommend pre-qualified abatement contractors if you like.

Project Management & Air Sampling

During the abatement process Greenpoint personnel will provide day-to-day management of the process including coordination with building management and regulatory personnel. The Greenpoint Project Manager will conduct daily inspections to ensure compliance with both the work plan and regulations. All Greenpoint Project Managers are certified NIOSH 582E microscopists and will conduct daily air monitoring and final clearance air sampling at the conclusion of abatement activities.

Licensed & Certified

Greenpoint is a licensed asbestos consulting firm in the State of Florida (license ZA 458) and our staff is certified and experienced to assist our clients with all of their asbestos testing and inspection needs.